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"Reliability and professionalism with a personal touch."

Experienced and professional court reporters guarantee the highest level of personal service. A Registered Diplomate Reporter, Registered Merit Reporters, Registered Professional Reporters, medical, technical, expert witness and multi-party action specialists are available. Our highly skilled reporters utilize state-of-the-art CAT software to efficiently transcribe depositions.

Convenient scheduling is available for all of your litigation needs. Professional coverage is available for all your court reporting needs including interpreters and translation for multiple languages and dialects.

Professional Designations:

  • Registered Diplomate Reporter

  • Registered Merit Reporters

  • Registered Professional Reporters

    Registered Diplomate Reporter - The Registered Diplomate Reporter (RDR) is the highest level of certification a reporter can achieve.  The RDR is a reporter who exhibits exemplary organizational and practical skills in all reporting activities by drawing on personal and outside resources.  The RDR is actively involved in court reporter-related organizations and serves as a consultant to attorneys, other reporters, and court personnel by providing direction and disseminating technological information.

    The exam consists of a Written Knowledge Test administered to candidates who have been RMRs for at least five years or to RMRs with either a baccalaureate degree or two other NCRA certifications. All RDRs are required to participate in continuing education.

    Registered Merit Reporters - Registered Professional Reporters (RPR) can achieve further recognition by passing the Registered Merit Reporter (RMR) exam, which is similar in scope to the RPR examination but tests reporters at higher levels of knowledge and speed.  The RMR includes a skills - Literary matter at 200 wpm, Jury Charge at 240 wpm, and Testimony at 260 wpm - and a merit level Written Knowledge Test.  An RMR certificate is an attainment of distinction.

    The RMR designation is renewed periodically.  Every three years each RMR accumulates 30 continuing education credits to maintain certification.   Each RMR attends state and regional seminars and/or approved courses of study for continuing education credits.

    Registered Professional Reporters - A Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) - a reporter who is skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated to achieving and maintaining a high level of professionalism.

    Through comprehensive testing and continuing education, the RPR has proven command of English grammar and spelling, technology, medical and legal terminologies and the ability to write and transcribe varying types of material at high speeds.

    The nationally recognized RPR examination includes a three-part skills test and a Written Knowledge Test (WKT).  The skills portion of the test is a dictation test of Literary matter at 180 wpm, Jury Charge at 200 wpm and Testimony at 225 wpm.  The WKT portion tests those areas of knowledge needed to perform the duties of a court reporter, such as English, technology, terminology, courtroom rules and procedures, transcript format, use of legal research materials and professional responsibility.

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